Welcome!  ברוכים הבאים

We are so excited to share this joyous milestone with you.

Noa will become a bat mitzvah during the festival of Sukkot, also known as z’man simchateinu, “the time of our rejoicing.” While Sukkot encapsulates many themes, about nature and journeys and impermanence, it’s spiritual force is joy. How fitting to celebrate this special moment in Noa’s life at a time when we are obligated to be joyful! Your presence will add so much to our happiness and we are looking forward to sharing the beauty of Sukkot together.

Whether traveling from across the country or across the river, you’ll find here all of the details you need to know about the service and festivities, as well as locations and lodging. Please remember to RSVP by August 18 and if there’s something we’ve overlooked, please drop us a line at vineberg@gmail.com

See you very soon!

~ Nancy & Noa